Back in 2019, 2 friends acquired their first 3D printer. Undecided on what to make with the new technology, they tasked themselves with creating the ultimate stoner storage solution. The outcome – The Original Stash’d Tube.

After creating and testing our initial prototypes, and a LOT of market testing – we developed the first iteration Stash’d Tube: A 3D-printed stoner storage canister.

Over the following year, we scaled up production, bought more and more printers and started selling our product to a wider market through wholesale orders.

Though we had taken The Stash’d Tube to market – we weren’t finished innovating and revising our design. We’re constantly doing our best to explore new ways we can make our product better, and many times that comes from customer feedback and ideas.

After 3 years of product design and development, manufacturing and production line development, packaging design, eCommerce and a whole heap of marketing – we’re finally ready to sell our Stash’d tubes en masse.

With a unique range of limited-edition colors and designs, as well as the Original Stash’d colourway, and FREE UK delivery – we’re sure we’ve got the perfect stoner storage solution for you!

Happy smoking!

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